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Kristin Callan Apr 09 Swizznet Knowledge Base / Announcements

The Citrix technology that we use is not affected by this bug and is not vulnerable to it. We use the Citrix Netscaler products for all access into our systems - Citrix has confirmed that access via this method is not vulnerable to the Heartbleed Bug. You can read more about this on Citrix's site here: http://support.citrix.com/article/CTX140605

However, if you use browser access within Swizznet to access an affected site, your information is vulnerable through that affected site. It will not affect our systems or your use of our system but we cannot ensure that sites you visit via our browser are not affected or vulnerable. 

Kristin Callan November 28, 2012 Swizznet Knowledge Base / Announcements

QuickBooks 2011 Customers: Information About Service Discontinuation
As of  May 31, 2014 we discontinued service and support for all 2011 QuickBooks versions on Swizznet. We always want our customers to have the best products and services, and are required to follow the Intuit support plan - as such, we are only able to support the latest 3 years of QuickBooks (2012,  2013, & 2014).

If you or your users are using QuickBooks 2011 you will need to purchase or rent the QuickBooks 2014 software and upgrade your company file. Contact sales@swizznet.com to upgrade your access today.