DreamMaker - Qvinci Bulk Sync


To sync Quickbooks with Qvinci for Bulk Sync you must login to the Qvinci Service user on FS-Dream

The QvinciSrv user credentials are stored in C:\Software for now

Qvinci can't Bulk Sync if QB is running on the server

FS-Dream setup 

Created a Qvinci service user > installed Quickbooks on the File server > installed the Qvinci Sync app on the file server ( You can download this at the bottom right of the page at Qvinci


This process is for adding franchise QB files to the Qvinci Sync app

Send an email to Warren at Qvinci and let him know what the franchise name is and the last name of the user the account is associated with so he can make this accessible in Qvinci when we login. If you are doing this you should have this information given to you or can request it from DreamMaker. Sample email to WarrenK@qvinci.com :

Hi Warren

We have one franchise today to add to Qvinci. Omaha, NE  last name - Nolner


Add the QB file to Qvinci Sync app

**NOTE: I am using a test account for some of the screenshots

Get the password for qvinci@dreammakerbk.com 

Login to the QvinciSrv user on FS-Dream

Once remote connected to the client's PC, reverse the connection so the client can access your PC.

Share the FS-Dream desktop and have the client sign is as the admin user and set to single-user mode

In-file Sync

Open the Qvinci Sync app (Hidden icons lower right corner, select the ^), right click, open sync app


Select the In-file Sync tab > select Sync > The QB certificate will trigger > select Yes, always; allow access > select Yes on the authorization window (If there are users listed in the dropdown select the Admin user) > Continue > Done > select Show Details. 




**NOTE: if the file has never been in Qvinci you will need to move to the Link and Sync because you will not be able to add the file without linking it first)


Once the In-file Sync completes, select the Link tab

Link and Sync

Enter the following credentials > Username: qvinci@dreammakerbk.com  Password: Need to get from DreamMaker > Login


If there is a row for the franchise, select that row or else select an open row > select Link and Sync

The QB certificate requesting authorization will trigger > Select Yes, always: allow access > select the Admin user if there are multiple users > Continue


The sync will start running, wait for it to complete



Select the Link tab and verify the path has been added to the row


You will need to put the file back in multi-user mode > exit QB

Start Task Manager and verify that QB is NOT running under the QvinciSrv user nor the server or the Bulk Sync will not run.

Bulk Sync

NOTE: You can either bulk sync them all or test the file you just added. Let's test the file you just added.

Open the Qvinci Sync app if not already > select the Bulk Sync tab > Login to qvinci@dreammakerbk.com if not > you will see all the QB files in Qvinci.


At this point if the Sync button at the bottom left is disabled (can't click it) > uncheck all files 


Select the file you just added (if the Sync button is still disabled) select a second file and you should see the Sync button become active (If this does not happen, open the hidden icons > right click Qvinci > select Exit, restart Qvinci > login > select the Bulk Sync tab > select the file you wany to sync > if not active select a second file > the Sync button should become active > deselect the second file and the Sync button should still be active > select Sync 

The Sync button is inactive


Select the second file and the Sync button is active


Deselect the second file and the Sync button is active


The Qvinci Sync should start for the single file or for all files depending on what you are Bulk Syncing


Once the Bulk Sync completes successfully you are done adding the file to Qvinci




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