Office 365 Setup

After acquiring your Office 365 subscription, setup is quick and easy.


1.  Log in to the Microsoft portal:

2.  Login with the Office 365 Administrator login credentials that you received in your Welcome to Office 365 email.

3. Once logged in, select the 'Admin' option. 


5.  From within the Admin Center, select 'Add User.'  You will then be able to enter the new user information, add roles, and assign product licenses.  Once complete, select 'Add.'


6.  The newly created user will receive an email with the newly created login credentials.  These new credentials will allow your users to access and start utilizing all of their Office 365 applications.


7.  Once a user has been set up in the Office 365 Admin Center, the user is ready to launch an Office 365 application from the Swizznet application portal.


8.  Click on the appropriate Microsoft Office 365 application from the Swizznet portal.  The application will open and the user will be prompted to enter their newly created Office 365 username ( from our example above) and password.

9.  The product will activate and is ready for use.



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