Event1 Software Office Connector - Sage 300

To install Office Connector for future customers, run the installer as standard using the Timberline Office share as your Event 1 System Folder. By default Sage 300 will create a Timberline Office share, during the Office Connector install select SHARED and for the install source select \\SERVERNAME\Timberline Office\Event1

Once the installation is done, copy C:\Program Files (x86)\Event 1\Office Connector\OfficeConnector.xla to the Event 1 System Folder and then load the XLA from that location for each desired user, choosing not to copy to their local profile folder when prompted. 


Launch Excel and go to File -> Options -> Add-ins and ADD the add-in. Browse to the Event1 folder, and then select the OfficeConnector file. Close and reopen Excel. You'll see the Office Connector tab in the Add-ins ribbon in Excel. Select the drop down -> Help -> License and let the user enter in their license codes.


This is what the Office Connector looks like in the Add-ins.

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