Launch Error: You already have an instance of this application open

When launching an application on Swizznet you may encounter the following error: 


The first thing to do is make certain that you do not already have the application open and minimized to your taskbar. If the application is not already open, use the following steps to terminate the connection to the Swizznet server:

Ending a Hung Citrix Connection 

  1. Find your Citrix receiver in the icon tray next to your clock. It will be the grey circle with lines inside. You may need to expand the icon tray by clicking the arrow on the far left.


  2. Right click on the Citrix Receiver and select the option for Connection Center


  3. In the Connection Center you will see any active connections. Most likely there will be a Swizznet server name listed with no associated application. To end the connection, highlight the server name by clicking on it


  4. Then click Log Off on the right side of the window


  5. Wait a few seconds and you should see the connection disappear


    Once the connection is terminated you can once again try launching your Swizznet application.



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