Sage 100 Contractor Back-up Best Practices

Sage 100 Contractor 20.x


From Sage Install Guide: Always use Database Administration to back up your data. Database Administration backs up numerous files (including external files, such as attachments) that are not part of the SQL database, and it performs additional steps to ensure that you can successfully restore your data from a backup copy. Do not attempt to back up Sage 100 Contractor data using Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio or other third-party software, or you will be unable to restore the company.


Maintenance Schedules

By default, when you create a new company through the Database Administration tool, it will automatically set up two weeks of backup retention. You can also change the retention period by going through the "Schedule Nightly Maintenance" tab. These locally kept Sage backups will be the quickest way to recover a clients company file, and will require no intervention from Swizznet. For this reason, we suggest that you keep the default two weeks of retention.

By default, the copies will be kept at this location: D:\Sage100Con\Backup\Nightly. When Swizznet's nightly backup process runs, we will also make another backup of these files and keep the last 30 days of backups.



Sage 100 Contractor 19.x

For Sage 19.x (Non-SQL), the data for individual companies resides in a file/folder structure. In the Swizznet environment, that exists at: D:\Shares\SageData\MB7\. To ensure your clients data is being backed up, only use the MB7 folder under the SageData folder. Swizznet does a full backup nightly on the D:\ drive and we keep the last 30 days of backups.


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