Backup Strategies: Sage 300 ERP

Sage 300 ERP

Sage 300 ERP is an enterprise level product and it can only be run using SQL for the database. You can review the database requirements for the different version of Sage 300 at this location:

To maintain and backup this product please follow the procedures for SQL servers as outlined in this document in the section entitled “SQL Server Backup Methodologies”.


Sage 300 ERP: SQL Express Edition

While Sage 300 is supported on SQL express, SQL express is limited in its capabilities with regards to backup routines. You can review the limitations by searching for the keywords “SQL express limitations” to determine if this version will meet your needs.

If you choose to utilize SQL Express, one of the greatest limitations is that you cannot schedule automatic backups and maintenance of the databases because Microsoft hasn’t included the SQL Agent in this version.

You can backup SQL express either manually  using the SQL Server Management Studio or by following this document using the Windows server scheduler.


Sage 300 ERP: SQL Standard Edition

If you use SQL Standard edition you will need to review and follow the the steps outlined here, to setup a backup and maintenance plan. We recommend you use the Simple Recovery Model.

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