CWS: Accessing Server for Application Installations and Admin Tasks

1. Log in to

  • The first time you login you will be prompted to setup your Multi-Factor Authentication preferences (this is required for security). You may choose text or email.

2. Click on the client (cliente for this use case) that you wish to access from the Dashboard

3. Scroll all the way to the bottom of the Overview page until you see the Servers section. Hover over the cog icon and select Connect

4. This will open a new browser tab, and using Remote Desktop Services, connect you into the server as your administrative user. If this does not open please check that your pop-up blocker is not blocking it.

5. You'll be presented with a Desktop of that server, with the ability to install applications. Because these are Terminal Servers, you'll want to use the tool through Control Panel to make sure it is installed properly. You can find this in the Programs area of Control Panel. Once you launch this, you simply browse to your installer and run it, then install as normal.

6. After the application is installed, click here for instructions on making the application available to your client users.




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