Admin Access : A guide to administrative access to your server

What is an admin user? 

Your admin user is used for updating and managing software, installations, subscriptions and users.

How many admin users do I get? 

We provide one admin user per account in order to keep your information secure and your cloud running

Best Practices.

Please don’t share users or logins to the system - especially the admin user for your cloud on Swizznet. Only use your Swizznet server admin user for administrative tasks (trusted program installs, updates to
trusted programs). Do not use this account for daily tasks - especially utilizing email and web browsing.

Please see the attached fact sheet for more information. 

Accessing the Admin Portal

To perform administrative tasks the admin user in your company will need to login to This is the only place you will be able to perform admin tasks such as installs, server reboots, application updates or db admin access.

Multi-Factor Authentication

For security all users logging into the admin panel will be required to use Multi-Factor Authentication(MFA). Upon first login you will be prompted to setup your MFA preferences for text or email. After setup you will be prompt to enter the code sent to you via text or email each time you login.

Once logged in you will see the admin panel for your Cloud WorkSpace. To connect to your server scroll to the bottom of the page in the Servers section. Click on the Gear icon on the right hand side and click Connect.

**Note - If your Workspace has multiple servers, due to security settings, you will want to access/manage one server at a time.  Trying to access/manage multiple servers simultaneously will lead to errors**  

DO NOT CLICK on the CLONE, DELETE or CONVERT DATA or you will harm your server.

Account Lockout Notifications

If you would like to receive account lockout notifications just check the box to enable notifications in the admin portal:

Audit Reports

In the admin portal you can also view audit reports for your company access by going to Audit Reports and clicking on the drop down to select a report:

File Folder Permissions

If you would like to manage your company file folder permissions you can do so in the admin panel by going to the Folders section and clicking Manage.




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