CWS: Requesting to Publish Applications to Server

This step should be completed only AFTER you have logged into the desktop of the server and installed the application. If you have not yet installed the application, click here for instructions.

1. Log in to

2. Click on the client (cliente for this use case) that you wish to access from the Dashboard

3. Scroll all the way to the bottom of the Overview page until you see the Apps section. Click on Add

4. In the dialog, you can scroll down thru the list of applications or search for them. For this documentation, I've searched for Sage, and then clicked on Sage 100 Contractor.

5. Once I click on the application, if applicable it will ask you to specify a version (for documentation, I typed 20.x)

6. If the application shows as a status of "Pending License Upload" rather than "Installed", create a text file with the license information and save it on your local machine.

Click on the application name that is pending license upload:

On the next screen that comes up, click on "Add" in the Licenses area, and browse to the text file that you created that contains the license information:

7. Once you add the application, our Engineering team will get it installed and ready for use by your customers.


**If your application is not in the list, please contact us so we can get it added for you.


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  • Some apps don't have ink or folders available.

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