Sage remote support (Webex Issues)

There will be situations where a Sage rep may need to remote in to perform certain tasks within the program.

The rep may guide you to a support site where you will be able to download the necessary software to have them remote in, this will be the preferable way of having them access as it begins outside of the Swizznet environment and does not cause any issue

The Sage rep may instead have you head, from within the Sage program itself, to Web Resources > Connect to remote support.

When the remote session is created from within the program this can cause performance issues for the current user as well as any other users accessing the server at that time.
The Cisco Webex program will duplicate its process hundreds of times maxing out the CPU until that session is logged off



To avoid any issues when working with the program and Sage support we'll want to make sure we have them remote in using the support site and not from within the program itself



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