Using Transaction Pro: Exporter

How to use Transaction Pro: Exporter


Exporting with Transaction Pro: Exporter is easy!

If you do not already have access to it, you can always setup access via the Marketplace or by contacting

Once the application has been added to your account, login and and launch QuickBooks first and log into your company file

Launch Transaction Pro Exporter.

Once open, you will see this home screen.  From here, you can select the kind of data that you want to export as well as a specific date range. 


With data selected, you should see this:

Once you have your data setup for export, go ahead and pick what format you want to export to.  There is even an option to open excel directly after exporting, should you so choose.


Once ready, click Export to File and then select both WHERE you want to save this file (Generally on your Swizznet Z: drive) as well as what you want to name the file.

And that's it!  Your export is complete!


You can reach out to Transaction Pro support here -











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