Is FTP Supported in Your Environment?

Yes, we can support file transfers.

  • If you are looking to setup an automated FTP connection from a remote location to Swizznet we have an SSH FTP system that you may use. Contact Support for more information.

  • You must configure any automation for sending data to our system. We will provide an SSH FTP end-point on port 22 and once a FileZilla or WinSCP connection is made, the remaining connectivity configuration from the remote location is your responsibility.

  • If the software being utilized will ONLY be connecting to one specific location, (ex: the companies home office) Swizznet recommends IP address restrictions.

  • We have a remote file share and sync platform available. This is different from FTP and is designed for your end users to move files between our environment and their remote workstation. Contact our Sales team for more information.



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