Can I Use the Sage CRM on Swizznet?

Yes, you may host your CRM on our platform. If you plan to use Sage CRM on Swizznet here are some items to be aware of that are unique to our environment:

  • For security, all connections MUST be encrypted, we do not accept any unencrypted connections.
  • You will need to obtain a SSL certificate from a reputable public certificate provider, like GoDaddy. BEFORE purchasing an SSL certificate, please contact support and coordinate with a Swizznet engineer, as we have certain requirements on type and how the certificate needs to be issued.

  • The Sage CRM may require special configuration for a Network Translation to work properly. An incorrect configuration will impact any custom dashboards that rely on the Tomcat engine. You must understand how to properly configure the CRM. Swizznet does not consult on the software configuration, we only support the platform connectivity. This Sage KB article explains the issue and possible resolution.



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