Adding SQL SysAdmin\Sage Company Admins through Sage Database Administrator in Cloud Workspace (IIT)

  1. As your admin account, connect to your customers server through the Cloud Workspace portal.
  2. Once you're connected to the desktop, launch the Sage Database Administration tool from the desktop. 
  3. You'll first need to log in using the sa account so that you can grant yourself admin rights over the company file, as well as the other users that need it. The sa password is in a text file on C:\Software\


4. Switch the authentication type of Database Administration and use the login sa, and the password in the text file.

5. Once you're connected as sa, you'll have SysAdmin rights and can grant them to your own partner admin account as well as any other users that will need it. Under Company Admins / SQL Logins, select Add SQL Server Login. Here you can add normal user accounts (notice the format below, cws\user.companycode) or your local administrative accounts. Please note, adding users here and checking "Add as a member of the 'sysadmin' server role gives that user full sysadmin over the SQL. If they just need administrative access over the company file, you do not need to check this box, just add their user with it deselected. But if you want to add them to SQL with sa permissions, keep this box selected.

6. Under Company Admins / SQL Logins select Add Company Administrator. Select the company, and then the user and select Create Admin User. This will give the user the administrative role on the actual company file. Note that their user accounts have to be added as a SQL Server login in step 5 before they will show up in the drop down box here.



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