404 Error - How to Resolve


A 404 error typically occurs when a previous session is still logged in.  If you run into a 404 error when attempting to access the system please do the following:

  1. Ensure any appendage to the site url is deleted.  I.e, If attempting to connect to https://apps.swizznet.com please delete any trailing characters.  Please see example.

    Example:  (https://apps.swizznet.com/vpn/swizznet.html) - Deleting the appendage /vpn/swizznet.html, and hitting Enter, will generally resolve the issue.

  2. If the above method does not work, please close the browser, then reopen it.  Type in the https://apps.swizznet.com URL in your browser address bar and attempt to log in again.

  3. If both methods above do not work, you may need to delete your web browser cache & cookies.  Below are links on how to accomplish this in most browsers:



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