Swizz Sync Multi Drive Fix

This has been resolved by update but some computers depending on their setups may still retain the issue.

We want to make sure we don't have any of the folders within Swizz Sync pinned to Quick access in explorer. This will cause the new drives to be created as the program will think the Z:\ is already mounted due to the Quick access.

You may not need to do the following steps once the folders are unpinned but if you still have issue the multiple drives may reoccur even if we update if the program if the program files aren't renamed and deleted. The steps to uninstall the client are as follows;

  • Stop Swizz Sync on startup, this can be done in Windows 10 by heading to the Task Manager and disabling Gladlauncher (and gladmounter if in there) on startup


  • Reboot the computer to remove the multiple drives, don't launch Swizz Sync after reboot.


  • Go to "Programs and Features" and uninstall "Cloud Windows Client" and if you see "Cloud Windows Outlook Plugin" we'll uninstall that one as well (may be two of them)


  • After you uninstall make sure you say no to the reboot (if you end up rebooting its okay just follow next steps and reboot after). 


  • Then we're going to go to C:\Program Files and we're going to delete the "Gladinet" folder inside there


  • After that has been deleted were going to go to C:\Users\(windows username)\Appdata\Local  and delete the "gteamclient" folder within there.


  • Once both folders have been deleted we can reboot the computer and login to swizzsync.swizznet.com to download the latest Swizz Sync client which should install without issue.



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