Resetting Your Password

If you need to reset your Citrix login, click here.  


You can also reset your password manually buy going to 


These instructions for resetting your CloudWorkspace login:

1. Head to and click the password reset link.

2. On the password reset page enter your username, select email or SMS (SMS only works if you have a mobile number added for your user).




After you hit Send Code, you will be emailed or texted a reset code to enter into the next page and reset your password. 



If you do not follow those password rules, your password will be rejected and you will have to follow this process again. 

For your security and to maintain PCI compliance, Swizznet's password policy is as follows:

  • Passwords must be changed every 90 days. The system will prompt you when it’s time to change your password.

  • Passwords must be eight characters in length and must specifically contain:
    • One uppercase character
    • One lowercase character
    • One number or symbol

  • Each password must be unique and users cannot reuse any of their last four passwords.

  • Your password cannot contain your name or your company name.



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