Cloud Workspace Set-up on Mac

Applies to: Cloud Workspace customers using a Mac.
Prerequisites: Remote App Config Address provided by Swizznet - Submit a Support Request.

In order to configure a Remote Apps for Mac OS X 

To access your remote apps via MacOS you'll need to download and use the
Microsoft Remote Desktop app.



Make sure to download the most recent version.

(in this KB clienta will represent your company domain)

Start by downloading the RDP app from the app store


 Once downloaded, open the app and go to "Workspace" 


Click to add a "Workspace"




 Paste the Feed address into the "Workspace URL" box.
The address will be in your "Welcome e-mail", or via CWS Dashboard

This is specific to your company and the admin for your company will have it,
or you can reach out to to request it.




When prompted, You will enter your Swizznet Username and Password





It will now give you access to the applications that are provisioned out to your user.
You just need to double click on them and they will load from your server.





If you want to redirect a local folder into your RemoteApp/Remote Desktop sessions:


Within the Remote Desktop app and select Preferences.
At the bottom, select Choose folder.
Then select the folder you would like to be brought into your remote connection. 



Upon your next login, you can now access files from this resource while in RemoteApp.


The drive you select will be entirely up to you, we used a Guest folder as an example, but whatever location you select will be seen from within your Remote Desktop as well.
Make sure to select "Do Not Ask Again"


Once you click "Connect" the app will launch.


In order to configure a full desktop for Mac OS X 




In the "Microsoft Remote Desktop" app, choose "PCs"




Use the "PC Name" field to type in your
In the example below, the company code is




Under "User Account" select create new, and put in your login information and password (testrb@cliente and then my password)
*When your password changes for this account, you will need to update it in these configurations.





Select, "Add Gateway".
The Gateway settings should look like this.
Please see the list of gateways below, as they change depending on the datacenter:


Azure (fab) is

Google (cef) is

Swizznet (swz) is





In the Display tab, these are the settings we recommend. You can select 'Use all monitors' if you want your Remote Desktop to span across multiple displays.


After you click "Add" you will be prompted for your Swizznet Credentials.

You'll then be able to launch your Remote Desktop Connection by double clicking the icon. 




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