CWS - Managing Folders and Folder Access as an Administrator

As a cloud workspace administrator, you have the ability to manage folders and folder access in once central location.  Follow the steps below to access and manage folders:


First, log in to the cloud worskspace management portal here

Once logged in, navigate to the appropriate worskspace, by clicking Workspaces in the left pane, then selecting the appropriate workspace you are managing.


After selecting the workspace, you will be presented with the Workspace Overview page.


Scroll down this page to the 'Folders' section, and select 'Manage.'




You can add and remove folders from this view as well as the individual and group permissions for folders.  This enables the customer to map drive, create custom shares etc. all from the CWS panel, without needing Swizznet to be involved.


To Add a Folder:

1. Select the parent folder you want to add to.  In most cases this will be the Shared H: drive F is for FTP ( the letters might be slightly different for really old deplyments)

2. Click the level you want to add the folder and click ADD


3.  type in the folder name and click Add Folder



4.  The new folder is created with Full Control permissions for all users.


To Manage Folder Permissions:

Clicking Manage will present you with a Manage Folders window where you can assign appropriate user and/or group permissions to folders.


In the example below, we will set a folder to Read Only for all users.

1. Expand the appropriate drive letter by clicking the small arrow on the left (Z:).

2. Select the appropriate folder (Top Secret).

3. Set the appropriate permissions for the selected folder (Read Only).

4. Click Update Folders.





We now want to give 1 user Full Control of the same folder.  Below is how we accomplish that.

1. Select appropriate folder.

2. Click 'Add' next to Users & Group Permissions.

3. Select the User or Group to apply new permission to.  Our example we are selecting 'User'

4. From the drop down box, select the appropriate user.

5. Select the appropriate permission to set on this folder, for this user.

6. Click Add Permission.

7. Click Update Folders.



NOTE:  To only allow users or a group to view a folder, add that user or group to a folder and delete the -all users group from that folder.






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