DreamMaker - Qvinci Bulk Sync

Server - FS-Dream

Application - Qvinci

Qvinci username: qvinci@dreammakerbk.com

Password: In the Password Vault


Login to FS -Dream > Login to the Qvinci svc user, credentials are in C:\Software

Qvinci runs in the hidden icons. Go to hidden icons > right click Qvinci > Open Sync Client


You may see this message. Click ok to close it and you will be disconnected after 60 minutes. This is a normal message for service users.


If Qvinci is logged in (It generally is logged in) go to the Bulk Sync tab > Verify all companies are checked > Select Sync


*For this KB I am only syncing one for the screenshots

Once the Bulk sync starts you may need to select Show Details


You will see the path the file at the top and Qvinci will start to sync the reports to Qvinci from QB


I have found that Query #7 and #10 take the longest to sync


Once the QB file completes the sync successfully, You can view the results in the In-file Sync tab


If Qvinci is not logged in > Select the Bulk Sync tab > Enter the email address from above > enter the password in the password vault.


Follow the steps above to start the Bulk Sync


Verify the Qvinci Sync was successful.

To verify that each franchise's data has synced with Qvinci, open a browser and go to Login Here

Username: qvinci@dreammakerbk.com

Password: In the password vault under DreamMaker Qvinci




Intuit Login Window - Since Intuit came out with QB 2022, they changed their billing model which now requires a login to Intuit weekly. This new model is causing the Intuit Login Window to open when Qvinci logs into the QB file. When this window opens, the sync will stop until it is closed. When you see the Intuit Login Window open, you will need top close it to proceed with the sync. 

Unrecoverable errors - From time to time I have seen an unrecoverable error trigger when first logging into the QB file and I have see it trigger when logging out of the file. If the unrecoverable error triggers, close the window and the sync will continue.




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