Accessing OneDrive and SharePoint Files and Folders from Swizznet

Applies to: All Swizznet customers. Microsoft Office 365.
Prerequisites: OneDrive app installed on local PC.



Microsoft has designed an excellent article that walks you through syncing your SharePoint directories and making them available in your File Explorer locally.

To make that directory available via your Citrix or CloudWorkspace session, there is one additional step to take. See, View and open SharePoint files with File Explorer, at

Once you have successfully sync'd the directories and confirmed they are visible in your local File Explorer, you can move on to part 2 of this article.

Success will look something like the below where you have a SharePoint directory for your organization and a list of the sites you wanted sync'd. 




Next, open your File Explorer via Citrix, your application portal, or the CloudWorkspace client. Once open, you will need to navigate to the path where that directory resides. You won't see it on the left at first. 

CloudWorkspace and Citrix Private Cloud Users

For most Windows users you will follow the path like the one below by choosing This PC > C: > Users > Choose your profile folder > then Right Click your SharePoint directory and "Pin to Quick access"

That directory should now be available to you under the Quick Access menu on the left. You can now freely save to your SharePoint folders or open documents from SharePoint within your Swizznet session. 



QuickBooks Standard Hosting Users (Citrix, Multi-Tenant [MT])

Your instructions are slightly different with the same end result. 

Follow the path to access your SharePoint directory on your Local Disk (C:) just like the below. Once there, Right Click the directory and Create Shortcut.


Next, scroll down to that shortcut you just created, hold your left mouse button and drag that shortcut to "Documents" on the left:


You will now have easy access to SharePoint without drilling all the way down to it on your C: drive within your Swizznet session by choosing Documents on the left instead. 


Let our support team know if you need help by visiting our support page here.

Note: Accessing extremely large documents across the internet can degrade performance.

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