Swizzsync Overview


Installing the local client

Login through Swizzsync.swizznet.com.


You will get a prompt for Multifactor Authentication, enter the code from your preferred method.

If you have not set this up, you will be prompted to here.


Once logged in, click the head icon in the upper right and select download at the bottom.



This will prompt a file to download.  Once downloaded, give it an install.  (You may need assistance from your IT dept for this.)


Once installed, you may be prompted to restart your computer.

Once restarted, you will be given a login prompt for Swizzsync:


Your access point will always be the same as the website for swizzsync. 


After youve installed the client, you will see this icon near your clock:


As well as this new lettered drive under your local file explorer:



Swizzsync Features

One of the main features for Swizzsync is that it creates a local lettered drive that links right to your Swizznet cloud drive!  Not only does this make uploading/downloading files much faster, a lettered drive allows you to scan right into the cloud!


Creating shared viewing access is easy!



Invite specific people to view shared items by right clicking on the file in swizzsync and selecting Share: (with the Swizzsync icon next to it)




Clicking the 2 head icon in the bottom left will allow you to create a public link for your file as well.



Accessing through the Online Portal

If you need to get into any of your data stored on Swizznet on the fly, you can log in through Swizzsync.swizznet.com and access everything!  You even have the ability to share the files out from here as well.


Once logged in you will see your directories and have quite a few options as well as sharing:







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