CrowdStrike Roll-Out


GREAT NEWS: Swizznet is engaging CrowdStrike - the undisputed leader in next-generation cybersecurity innovation and intelligence - to protect Swizznet cloud hosting clients with the highest-grade cybersecurity protection available

This enhancement means all the applications you currently use in our hosted environment - whether QuickBooks, Sage, or any business app you access in Swizznet's cloud environment - now benefit from the full protection and speed of CrowdStrike's Falcon platform, which delivers leading-edge, enterprise-level security against modern cybersecurity attacks.

See below for more information on what this means to Swizznet customers:

  • Is there an additional fee for the CrowdStrike service? 
    • No.  There is no additional fee for the CrowdStrike service.
  • Will my invoice change?
    • No. Swizznet customer invoices will not change as a result of the CrowdStrike deployment
  • Will my users need to be trained on how to use CrowdStrike?
    • No.  There is no change to any Swizznet user workflows.  
  • If CrowdStrike detects an issue on my Swizznet services, will I be notified? 
    • Yes.  If CrowdStrike detects an issue on your Swizznet services a Swizznet representative will contact your primary point of contact to discuss the issue and necessary mitigation steps to be taken.
  • If I have questions about the CrowdStrike service who do I contact?




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