EDR - SentinelOne Mac Installation

Purpose: This is to install SentinelOne on a client's MacOS for the EDR (End Point Detection and Response) Package

Note: This is a manual installation and can't be pushed via N-Able

Login to TNN N-Ablehttps://n-able.secureworkplace.net/IndexAction.action

Navigate to the company in N-able

Select All Devices

Check for currently installed Anti-Virus

Select the machine to install SentinelOne 

Select Asset

Select Applications

Check for currently installed Antivirus

Note: if Antivirus is not uninstalled before installing SentinelOne, there can be performance issues or the script may not run.

You need to contact the client, connect to the Mac, and uninstall any Antivirus before continuing.

Once the current Antivirus is uninstalled Login to SentinelOne to get the Login URL, Username, and Password.

Login to SentinelOne

You need to login to Connect Wise to get the SentinelOne login URL and the Site Token

Login to ConnectWise > Service Desk Tab > Configurations

Search Visory or SentinelOne > Select "N-Able SentinelOne StandAlone Portal for Vigilance (SWIZZNET:USE THIS ONE)"

Scroll to the bottom of the Configuration and you will see the username, password, and login URL

Open a new tab in your browser and go to https://usea1-swprd5.sentinelone.net/login

Enter the Username and Password > Login

Select the arrow to open the navigation pane

Search for the company name (In this case Shuniyaaa Financial Services

Click Sentinels on the left

Select Packages from the top menu > Copy the Site Token to your clipboard > Open a new Word document > paste the token, and save it to SwizzSync Z:\Swizznet\EDR Agents\[client name]\MacOS installer information.docx

Download the latest version of the MacOS SentinelOne installer to your PC (PKG is for MacOS)

Open your Downloads folder > copy and paste the installer to SwizzSync Z:\Swizznet\EDR Agents\[client name] > Right click to get the Public URL

Paste the Public URL in the SwizzSync Z:\Swizznet\EDR Agents\[client name]\MacOS installer information.docx file. This file should now have the Site Token and Public URL for the SentinelOne MacOS installer.

You can now send the client an email with the Installer Public URL and the Site Token. They will need the Site Token to install SentinelOne.

Mac Install Process

This can be emailed to the client: MacOS SentinelOne Install Process

Come back to this KB once SentinelOne has been installed on the client's Mac


Continue the Installation

Go back to SentinelOne Management console > Under the company name select ENDPOINTS 

You should now see the users PC listed and in the Pending Request status. Once the PC is rebooted, the Pending request status should clear. 


Uninstalling SentinelOne

Onboarding does not have the permissions to uninstall SentinelOne. 

If we get a request, create a ticket in CW and assign it to the SecureWorkplace board.



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