EDR - SenitnelOne MacOS install Process

Your SentinelOne Site Token is: (Paste site token here)

Install SentinelOne

Download your SentinelOne MacOS agent installer file you received in the email from Visory/Swizznet

File Name: Sentinel-Release-23-1-3-6816_macos_v23_1_3_6816.pkg (Your file may be named different)

Double-click the SentnelOne installer you just downloaded and follow the instructions

If you see the System Extension Blocked message, click OK. If you do not see this, skip to the section Enter Site Token

On the local computer, open System Preferences > Security & Privacy

At System software from developer "Sentinel Labs Inc." was blocked from loading, click Allow. The Agent installation continues

Enter Site Token

Copy and Paste the Site Token from the email you received from Visory/Swizznet

If prompted enter your Mac credentials > Install Software

Open System Preferences and select Security & Privacy

On the left select Full Disk Access > Privacy > Select the lock symbol and unlock so you can make changes

Enter your Mac credentials > Select Unlock


Select the + sign to add an app

A Finder window will open when you hit the + sign. Press Command + Shift + G when you see this, which will open a dialogue box

In the dialogue box enter Library/Sentinel/sentinel-agent.bundle/Contents/MacOS/ > Enter > 

You should now see a list of files > Select sentineld_shell > Open

This should bring you back to the Privacy tab. On the right-hand side, you should see sentinel_shell, sentineld, and sentineld_helper. Ensure all three are checked, and once they are you can close System Preferences

It may take a minute for the change to take effect, but it will do so automatically.

After SentinelOne has installed, restart the Mac.

Open the Activity Monitor and the SentinelAgent should be running.

Return to the SenitnelOne MacOS install Process KB and Continue the Installation




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