Install and Configure the Global Protect VPN Client (Mobile VPN)

Purpose: To install and configure the Global Protect VPN client on a Mac or Windows PC

Requirements: Swizznet user with MFA enabled. MFA via phone call or the Microsoft Authenticator app


  1. Microsoft Authenticator: Video to install and configure the Microsoft Authenticator app:
  2. Phone Call: Answer the phone call and press the # sign right away

Install and configure Global Protect VPN

Login to the Global Protect web portal: Open a browser of your choice and go to 

Enter your credentials > Select Log In > Authenticate with the phone call or the Microsoft Authenticator app > Download the agent for your PC

Once Downloaded, right click the installer >

Windows 11 - Right click the installer, select more options > Properties > Unblock

Windows 10 - Right click the installer > Properties > Unblock

Double click the installer to start the installation

Select yes to allow Global Protect to make changes

Global Protect will be running in the hidden icons on the right corner of you monitor

Enter for the Portal Address > Connect

Enter your Swizznet Username and Password > Select Sign In

Answer the MFA verification phone call or authenticate with the Microsoft Authenticator app

Running in hidden Icons

You are now connected to the Global Protect VPN.



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