EDR - DropSuite Configuration Setup - Start Here

Purpose: DropSuite provides Cloud Backup, Archiving, and recovery services.

Products used with: O365 and Google Workspace (Suite)


TNN SharePoint Document Repository

ConnectWise Overview & User Guide

New Customer Sign up - (Outdated)

Google Workspace Initial Configuration

License Types: Backup only, Backup and Archiving - Use Backup only

Document Search

Open a browser and go to the TNN SharePoint Document Repository

Search Pax8 > Select _Pax8 - How To Folder.url

To setup a new client with the EDR package they purchased, follow each KB in order for the most efficient way to setup a new client. 

Select the link below to purchase a Dropsuite subscription for a new client

Purchase Dropsuite Subscription for New Client

Select the link below to log into the Windows Authentication Server

Windows Authentication Server Login

Select the link below for the DropSuite login and configure new client

Dropsuite Login and Configure New Client

Select the link below for the Dropsuite Setup Client Side

Dropsuite Setup Client Side


Attached below is the EDR Information Sheet





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