EDR - Windows Authentication Server Login

Windows Authentication Server

Purpose: We need to login to the Windows Authentication server for MFA only. When we login to DropSuite we need an MFA code to authenticate the login.

Login to TNN N-Able > Select 1 True North Networks - TNN Internal + SWP

Search WinAuth > Connect to the server using Take Control

Login to ConnectWise if not already > Select Company > Companies

Search True North Networks

Select Configurations

Search *TNNAsmin > Select the TNNAdmin (Local) configuration

Scroll to the bottom of the page and copy the password. Do not copy the date, just the password

Go back to the WinAuth server and use Shift + CTRL + X to paste. If this does not work type it in manually.

NOTE: If someone has already logged in via Take Control, add a new connections and you will be logged in automatically.

Once logged in you will see this screen and you want to select the icon for Dropsuite.us to get the code.

Return to the DropSuite Configure Setup



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