EDR - Purchase Dropsuite Subscription for New Client

Purchase Dropsuite Subscription

Import Company to Pax8

Purpose: Licensing portal where we buy subscriptions – Microsoft, Google

Login URL: https://pax8.com

Login to Pax8 using your credentials

Select Import via BAT

Select ConnectWise

Select ConnectWise again

Search for the company name. This is the same as in ConnectWise

Verify that all the required information is entered for the company > select Use Existing Contact

Existing contact: TNN Support

First Name: TNN

Last Name: Support

Email: support.pax8@truenorthnetworks.com

Verify the data is entered correctly > Select Import and Bind

Once imported successfully, go to Companies on the left, and search for the company that was just added > Select the company

Select Subscriptions

Select Order

Select DropSuite Business Backup

Select Checkout

Enter the number of licenses to purchase > Select Checkout

Select Continue

Select Continue

Select TNN Support > Continue

Administrator First Name: Admin

Administrator Last Name: Pax8

Administrator Email Address: pax8@truenorthnetworks.com

Enter first name, last name, email address > Select Choose a region > Continue

Purchase Order Number: Ticket Number

Order Notes: CW ticket

Enter ticket number, note, acknowledge the order > Complete Order

Verify the purchase is successful

Go to companies on the left > Search the company > Select the company

Go to Subscriptions and you should see the subscription and the quantity of licenses purchased

Return to the DropSuite Configure Setup



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