Backing Up Your QuickBooks File

Your data is being backed up every 30 minutes on Swizznet, but we understand that sometimes you'll need to make a backup for use locally. When backing up QuickBooks files, be sure to back up the file to your Z drive and then copy and paste via the Windows Explorer on Swizznet to your local computer's hard drive.


  1. Open your QuickBooks file in Single-User mode.
    If you opened the file in multi-user mode, go to File>Switch to Single User Mode.

  2. Go to File>Save Copy or Backup

  3. Select Back-up copy and click the Next button

  4. Select Local Back-up and click the Next button


  5. In the Backup Options screen, browse to a location on your company Z drive to save the backup. Click the OK button.


  6. On the next screen, click the Use this Location button.


  7. QuickBooks will then ask you when you’d like to save your backup copy. Select Save it now and click the Next button.

  8. Click OK to the Warning screen that comes up about saving it to a remote computer.

  9. In the Save backup screen, verify that the backup will be saved to your company Z drive on Swizznet and click Save.

    Give your backup a name!


  10. QuickBooks will then backup your file. You can access the backup copy in your company Z drive on Swizznet via the Windows Explorer on Swizznet.


  11. To move the backup to your local computer simply open the Windows Explorer on Swizznet and copy and paste it from your Z: drive on Swizznet to your local computer's C drive (Local Disk C).

NOTE: We only backup your live data and QuickBooks backup files (.qbb files) are not backed up. If you would like to store .QBB files you will need to bring them to your local computer for storage. Step-by-step instructions for moving files are here: Moving files to and from Swizznet

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