Go Mobile - Phone & Tablet Setup

You can now take Swizznet with you wherever you go - you no longer have to be tied to a computer to access your accounting information. With our mobile apps you can now truly access your accounting information from anywhere using anyone of these smart phone platforms: 

  • Windows Mobile
    The Citrix Receiver for Windows Mobile runs on all the processor types supported by Windows Mobile Professional  6.1 and 6.5. Download the Receiver.
  • Android
    To install the Android app, go to the Android Market and search for the Citrix Receiver to download and install.
  • Iphone
    Go to your apple store download the Citrix Receiver.

Once you've downloaded and installed the appropriate app on your smart phone here are the Swizznet specific settings you will need to use to connect:

  • Address: https://apps.swizznet.com
  • Username: (Swizznet user name)
  • Password: (Swizznet password)
  • Domain: Swizznet
  • Access Gateway: on 
  • Gateway Type: Enterprise Edition
  • Authentication Type: Domain Only

If you are prompted to complete all required fields, please fill in the description field however you'd like (i.e. Swizznet)

See our IPad setup forum for information on configuring and setting up your IPad for Swizznet access.

UPDATE:  Recent changes to the Citrix Receiver for iOS and Windows 8 may require that you enter a different address than what is listed above. If https://mobile.swizznet.com doesn't work for you, please enter https://admin.swizznet.com for the address instead.



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