Moving Files to and from Swizznet

When moving QuickBooks files to the system, create a full backup copy of the file to move to Swizznet and then restore to your Z drive. DO NOT MOVE LIVE QUICKBOOKS FILES.


  1. On your computer, open My Computer. Double click on your local (C:) drive. Click File, then click New, and select New Folder. Name the new folder Swizznet.

  2. Open the Swizznet folder you created and then open a second instance of My Computer, keeping the Swizznet folder window open as well. 

  3. Browse through your computer and copy all the files you wish to move to Swizznet into the Swizznet folder.  For QuickBooks files - create a full backup of the file to your Swizznet folder to move to the system - do not move your live QuickBooks file.

  4. When completed, login to Swizznet. Click on the Windows Explorer icon in the applications box on your Swizznet Virtual Desktop to launch the Windows Explorer.

  5. A Citrix Client File Security box may appear. Select Full Access and select Never Ask Me Again then Click OK.

  6. On the left hand side of the Windows Explorer window, click on the Local Disk C - this is your local computers (C:) drive.

  7. Click on the Swizznet folder.

  8. Select the files you would like to move to Swizznet and copy and paste them to your Swizznet (Z:) drive - ‘Your Company Name’ (Z:). If you are moving QuickBooks files, copy the backup copy to your Swizznet (Z:) drive then open QuickBooks and restore the file to your (Z:) Drive.

  9. Using the Windows Explorer on Swizznet you can move files back and forth from your local computer to your Swizznet (Z:) drive.

Do not open files from the Windows Explorer - to open files, first open the application on Swizznet and then open the file you want to work in from that applications open file screen.



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