Scanning to Swizznet via PageManager

You can scan locally to your computer and then move the files to Swizznet using the Windows Explorer or PC/Windows users may utilize a TWAIN scanner to scan documents directly to your Swizznet (Z:) drive.

If you want to scan locally, then scan to your computer and put the files into the Swizznet folder on your (C:) drive. Transfer the file to Swizznet using the instructions for moving files.

If you are a PageManager Document Management user and want to scan directly to Swizznet, follow the instructions below. You can use any scanner with a TWAIN driver that is connected to your local PC/Windows computer to scan documents directly to the folder of your choosing on your Swizznet (Z:) drive.

  1. Click on the PageManager icon on your Swizznet Virtual Desktop.

  2. In the top menu bar, click File and click Select Source in the drop down menu.

  3. Locate the scanner you would like to use from the Select Source box that appears. If multiple scanners with the same name are listed, select the scanner that does not have the “WIA –“ in front of the name and click OK.

  4. If your scanner does not appear in the list, check that your scanner is turned on, is connected to your computer, and that it has been installed with a TWAIN driver.

  5. Navigate to your (Z:) drive on Swizznet in the left hand navigation pane. Click once on the folder in your (Z:) drive that you want to scan your documents to.

  6. Select the Scan button in the top left corner. A Client Scanner Security screen should appear the first time you scan documents to Swizznet. Select Yes to grant access and Never Ask Me Again.

  7. Click the Scan button and the documents will be scanned directly to the folder you selected on your Swizznet (Z:) drive.

  8. Follow your scanner’s driver instructions and prompts.

  9. After the document(s) have been scanned they will appear in the selected folder and will show as a thumbnail on your PageManager desktop.

  10. To rename documents that you have scanned in, click on the document thumbnail to highlight it in white and then click again on the name. The name will then become editable.

  11. To view the scanned document, double click on the thumbnail of the document and a box will appear asking how you would like to view the document. Select PageManager and click the box at the bottom so that it doesn’t ask you again. Click OK. You will then be taken to the full page view.

  12. In the full page view you can use the tools on the right hand side of the page to make notes on the scanned documents or highlight portions of the document.

    • The T allows you to make notes on the scanned documents.

    • The highlighter tool in the middle allows you to highlight selected portions of the document.

    • The sticky note tool at the bottom allows you to post custom sticky notes to the scanned document.

    • All notes and annotations are searchable.

  13. To go back to the thumbnail view click on the thumbnail button in the top menu bar.

  14. If you have made annotations on the scanned documents you will be prompted to save them when you go back to the thumbnail view. Click Yes to save the notes and annotations to the scanned documents.



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