Alert - QuickBooks Payroll Service Update Error

There is a known issue (that can happen locally or when using QuickBooks on Swizznet) with the Intuit payroll service that can cause error messages to appear when trying to do payroll functions in QuickBooks. Intuit is working on a fix to this issue, but have provided us with a workaround that resolves the issue in the meantime.

If you get an error while you're doing payroll functions in QuickBooks, you can either

Choose to ONLY install the changes (which is all that's needed)

Or if you're still experiencing issues even with the changes (something may be hung up on intuit servers) you can:

  • Go to Employees>My Payroll Service>Account/Billing Information
  • Once it has brought up your account information (you may be prompted to sign into your Intuit payroll account) close out of that window
  • Go back to what you were working on or refresh the previous payroll screen and it should function normally

If you have further issues with the QuickBooks payroll, contact Intuit directly for assistance



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