Loans in Loan Manager missing after restoring file to Swizznet

QuickBooks Loan Manager uses a .lmr file to point QuickBooks to the location of loan information. This file is labeled with the company name and .lmr extension. For example, [companyname].lmr.

When you move the company file or restore a backup, the .lmr file does not get moved automatically to the new or backup location. When you open the company file from the new location or backup, and then open Loan Manager, Loan Manager creates a new .lmr file. However, the new file does not contain the loans.

To resolve this issue you must open the Windows Explorer on Swizznet and locate the .lmr file that is found with your QuickBooks file under your Swizznet Z drive. Right click the .lmr file, and select Rename. Change the file name to oldlmr.old. If a warning message about renaming file extensions appears, click Yes.  Press Enter to save the name change.

Then, navigate to the go into the Misc Files folder inside the Restored_Files folder for that QB file in the Swizznet Windows Explorer. Right Click on the .lmr file and select copy. Then browse back to the location of your QB file under your Z drive and righ-click any blank area of the folder and select paste. 

When you open QuickBooks, Loan Manager now displays the missing loan.

You find more information regarding this solution on Intuit's website



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