Intuit Statement Writer

The Intuit Statement Writer or QuickBooks Statement Writer were not designed to work in in a Citrix networked environment like ours.

You can read more about this on Intuit's site here:


That said, we have implemented a workaround that allows you to use the ISW or Statement Writer on our system.


If you would like to use this feature on Swizznet you will need to set the default save locations in the preferences as follows:

Reports: C:\users\USERNAME\Intuit\Statement Writer

Custom Templates: c:\users\USERNAME\Intuit\Statement Writer\Templates

Replace USERNAME with your username to Swizznet.

Note: In 2015, you may be require to check the Advanced box saying "do not automatically configure network permissions" in order to save the settings.


When opening previously saved ISW files, you'll need to paste the open path into the highlighted File Name section (see below) and not the address bar:


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