QuickBooks Add-Ons that work with Swizznet

There are thousands of different add-ons available that integrate with QuickBooks and unfortunately there is no set standard for how they are designed to sync or integrate with QuickBooks. Our system is compatible with all applications that can sync with QuickBooks via the QuickBooks Web Connector or IIF import/export.

Our system is built to be fully redundant and load-balanced to maximize speed and reliability- unfortunately this means that in our standard hosting environment we cannot support add-ons which require something to be installed on the same server as QuickBooks.

Additional add-ons we support:

If you need to add access to any of the apps above, submit a support request with your username and company name and we can get those added for you. There is no additional cost to add these applications.

Here are a sampling of other add-on's that we know work with QuickBooks on Swizznet.

Payroll Integration via IIF File Import

Payroll Integration via Cohesion Connect

CRM Software That Work W/Swizz Via The Web Connector

Time & Expense Programs That Work W/Swizz Via The Web Connector

Other Business Apps that Work with Swizznet Via the Web Connector

Inventory Software That Work W/Swizz Via The Web Connector

Project Management Solutions that work with Swizznet via the Web Connector

Check Printing Software
If you would like to print to blank check stock the two programs we are aware of, that when installed locally, work with QuickBooks on Swizznet (they act as another printer), are:

Shopping Carts That Work W/Swizz Via the Web Connector

Point of Sale Solutions That Work W/Swizz via the Web Connector

Transaction Importer
Need to import transactions into QuickBooks? Here is a great program which can be installed on the local computer to create IIF files for import into QuickBooks on Swizznet. This can save you thousands over the cost of other importer tools which require a custom virtual server.

Custom Applications
Need access to another application or add-on other than what we currently offer? We also offer the ability to setup your own custom virtual server and applications. Contact kcallan@swizznet.com for more information.

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