"The file exists" error when printing or performing other functions

If you are receiving one or more pop-ups with an error message stating "The file exists",  it is normally possible to click OK on them and the system will print or generate a PDF file successfully.    However, clearing up the problem can save a lot of time.

This particular error is normally caused by what we call "ghost" printers. These are printers that are installed on your computer, but are either not connected anymore, are jammed or out of paper, or that the computer is unable to communicate with for whatever reason.

If you're on a Windows based computer, if you go to Start -> Devices and Printers, you'll want to look for any printers that you know to no longer be attached and right click on them to remove them. Also look for any printers that are showing an error (paper jam, out of paper) and correct the problem that they're reporting.  If everything looks good but you continue to have the problem, sometimes if a printer that is connected to the computer is asleep it can cause this same error.  If you send a print job to the printers attached to the computer, or if they are nearby and they have a "Go" button on them that you can press, this will wake them up.

Ultimately, in some situations where a person is mobile and have printers at multiple locations that aren't always connected to the computer, it is necessary to make some custom thinprint configurations. If removing ghost printers doesn't resolve the problem, please contact us on the support line at 888-794-9948 x 2 and we'd be able to assist.



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