Chromebook or Public Computer Access

If you would like to access Swizznet from a Chromebook or a public computer where you cannot install the Citrix Receiver, follow the steps below. 

  1. Open your web browser (must be Firefox, Safari, Chrome, or IE 10.0+)
  2. Navigate to
  3. Login using your Swizznet username and password
  4. If you are not on a chromebook the system may ask you to install the receiver. If this screen comes up, there will be an a check box to accept terms and then a couple links below the Install button, just click the link the lower right link for Log on to bypass this step.  
  5. Click on the message to add your applications
  6. Click All Applications
  7. Select the applications you wish to add, then click on the right hand side of the screen to close out of that page. The applications you selected will now appear in the center of the green screen.
  8. Click once on the application you would like to open
  9. It will open in a new tab in the browser. You can then begin working normally.

You will not be able to move files to or from Swizznet via this access method - you will only be able to access files stored on your Swizznet drive.  You will also not be able to print.



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