Unable to launch applications using Firefox

A recent update to Firefox has changed the default permissions for plug-ins, and will prevent the Citrix Receiver plugin from launching your Swizznet applications.  To resolve the problem, please follow these steps:

In Firefox, locate the "open menu" button, which has 3 horizontal lines on it, and is just to the right of the address bar:

In the drop-down menu, please select Add-ons.

On the tab that opens up, select Plugins on the left.

For each plugin listed that starts with "Citrix", please select the drop-down menu on the right and click Always Activate:
Once this is done you can close the Add-ons Manager tab and attempt to launch your applications.

If you are still unable to launch your applications please contact technical support at techsupport@swizznet.com or 888-794-9948 x2 and we'd be happy to assist.



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