Keyboard not working in Citrix on Mac

UPDATE: This issue has been resolved in the latest version of the Citrix Receiver which can be downloaded here for any reason, you are unable to update to the latest Citrix Receiver, the shortcut to fix this issue when it happens is still posted below.

Some Mac users may find that sometimes they are unable to type into the QuickBooks login window. This means that your keyboard input has failed in their Citrix Session. This can be resolved by following these steps:


1. Press Command + Tab to close the Citrix session and return to the Mac desktop
2. Press Command + Tab again to return to your session.


Your keyboard should now be recognized by the Citrix receiver.

If you have an older Mac operating system and the above steps are not working, try these steps below:
1. Close out of Quickbooks and other Citrix applications that may be open
2. Under System Preferences, go to International and then Input Menu.
3. Set the "Input source option" to "Allow a different input source for each documents"




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