Opening QuickBooks Files in Multi-User Mode on Swizznet

To open a file in QuickBooks on Swizznet, simply launch the application from your applications box on your Swizznet Virtual Desktop.

Then click the button to open an existing company file. 

Click next and then navigate to the file you would like to open on your Swizznet Z:/ drive.

Select the file and click Open. Make sure that the box to open the file in Mult-user mode is checked. Checking this box enables you to work in the file simultaneously with your other users. It will save this setting going forward.

To work in the file at the same time as your other users you'll need to make sure that you each have a user setup in the QuickBooks file itself. Swizznet has no control over or access to the users and passwords you setup in your QuickBooks file so make sure you write down your QuickBooks file login information.

To setup users in the QuickBooks file click here



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