Shadowing a User

The Shadow a User tool allows accountants and bookkeepers to shadow their client users on their Swizznet Virtual Desktop. The shadow tool is free to add, just send a request to Tech Support.

  1. To shadow a user, log in to Swizznet and click on the Shadow a User icon in the applications box on the Swizznet Virtual Desktop.

  2. Enter your password into the dialogue box that appears.

  3. Click on the Shadow button on the tool bar that appears at the top of your screen.

  4. Click on the plus sign next to the word Users in the left hand box. Click on the user you would like to shadow so that it is selected. Click the Add button in the center of the box. If the user you want to shadow appears multiple times in the list, add each instance. That user will appear in the right hand box. Click OK.

  5. A message will be sent to that user to request to shadow them. If they click OK you will be taken to a screen where you can view what they are looking at in the applications they have open on Swizznet.
    When finished using the shadow tool, click on the stop shadowing button. To close out of the Shadow toolbar, simply right click on it and click Exit.

Note: If the shadowing screen appears shaky, go into your control panel on your local computer and go to the Mouse Properties. Click on the Pointers tab and de-select the Enable pointer shadow box.

When using the shadowing tool you will only see the applications your users have open on Swizznet. You cannot see their Virtual Desktop page or anything on their local computer.

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