Citrix Connection Center

The Citrix Connection Center: Changing Access Settings or Force Log Off Applications

If you need to change your access settings to allow read/write permission to your local hard drive, enable access to a local scanner or log out of an application manually you can do so via the Citrix Connection Center on your local computer.

To open the Citrix Connection Center, you will first need to login to Swizznet and launch an application (QuickBooks, Word, Excel, etc). Once you have an application open on Swizznet you will see a little grey circle icon or a black square in the system tray of your computer by your clock that looks like this:   blackicon.PNG, or this  .

Right click on the icon and click on Connection Center.

Go into Preferences to find the following settings:

Changing File Security Setting

If you need to change your File Access permissions to allow they system to move files between Swizznet and your local computer, click on File Access - set to Read and Write and click OK.


Changing Scanner Security Settings

Go to Connections and set the scanners setting to Connect Automatically and click OK. 


Force Closing or Manually Logging Off of A Swizznet Application

If you need to manually log out of an application because it's frozen or unresponsive, click on the server listed with the application that you want to force close out of and then click Log Off. Once it has logged you off the open application should disappear and you can click Close to exit out of the Citrix Connection Center.




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