Upgrading your QuickBooks File

In order to upgrade your QuickBooks file to a new year/version please follow the following steps:

  1. Log into your old version of quickbooks and hit cancel on the login or Select File > Close Company and make note of where your file is currently living on your Z drive.
    (Note: If you cannot access/see your older version of Quickbooks, please reach out to Support for assistance)
  2. Open your current file in your old version of Quickbooks.
  3. Select File > Utilities > Verify Data.
  4. If Quickbooks detects no errors, your file is ready to be upgraded. If Verify detects errors then select File>Utilities>Rebuild Data.  Once the data rebuild is complete, run the Verify Data again to be sure the errors have been fixed. Once there are no errors detected in the file, close the QuickBooks file, your file is ready to be upgraded.
  5. Ask all users to get out of the file and ensure you have closed Quickbooks as well.
  6. Open the new version of QuickBooks.
  7. Click X in the upper right corner of the initial splash screen to setup a new company file.
  8. In the No Company Open window, select the middle button - Open or Restore a Company File.
  9. Select Open Company File.
  10. From the drop down menu at the top where it says Look In:  Be sure to select your Z: drive on Swizznet.
  11. You should see all the folders and files on your company's Z: drive.  Click on the company file with the green or yellow icon to the left of it and then click Open.
  12. Log into the file using the Admin user and password.
  13. QuickBooks will prompt you to make a backup before upgrading your file.  You can save your backup in your company Z: drive on Swizznet.
  14. Once the backup is finished, the program will upgrade your file.
  15. Once the upgrade is complete check that any integration's you have setup in your file are still connected - some may require you to re-authenticate or update the integration.

Once the file has been upgraded, any other users accessing the file will need to navigate to open the file from the Z drive the first time they open the new version. 

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