Using USB Devices with Swizznet

You can use an external USB drive or device for uploading and moving files to and from Swizznet. To get started, simply plug in the USB device.

To access the USB device, either open Windows Explorer via the Swizznet Portal or if you are saving a file within Quickbooks, you will see the USB drive listed as a saving location.

The USB devices that are supported:

  • USB Keyboards
  • USB Mice
  • USB Printers
  • USB Bar Code Scanners (which emulate keystroke entries)
  • USB Smart Card Readers
  • USB Storage Solutions (such as external drives and memory sticks)

If you are having an issue with the device showing up in Windows Explorer or QuickBooks, leave the USB device plugged in and close out the application and re-start. If you continue to have issues, please contact Tech Support at 1-888-794-9948 x2

Here is a list of USB devices that are not currently supported:

  • USB Image Scanners (such as flatbed scanners)
  • USB Cameras
  • USB Card Readers (such as for credit cards)
  • USB Check Readers
  • USB PDA Cradles

Please note these limitation as well:

  • If running Windows Vista, you will need to be running the Vista Service Pack 1 or better
  • Mac users will need to be using the Citrix Online-Plugin version 12.0 or better. To look this up, please go into FinderàApplicationsàCitrix Receiver. If the plugin is outdated, please go here to update:



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