How to log in and install Swizz Sync on your computer

How to login

1)    Visit

2)   Log in with same Swizznet username and your Swizznet password

3)    Press Enter or click on Sign In


How to install 

1)    Once successfully logged into SwizzSync:

     1- Hover mouse over the Settings icon in the top right corner -  Capture.PNG

     2- Click on the following icon -  Capture.PNG




2)    A new window will open with all the available clients which can be downloaded and installed on your PC or MAC.

  • For Windows select the appropriate package 32/64bit, if you need assistant determining between 32/64bit please go to the following link to find out what your PC is running.

  • For Mac OS X select the appropriate package by determining which version of OS X your Mac is running.


3)    For windows install: once you have downloaded the appropriate package, open or run the installer.

  • Once the installer opens, Click Next
  • License agreement, select “I Agree”, Click Next
  • Confirm installation, Click Next
  • Please wait until the client installs
  • Once it finishes installing, Click Close/Finish

Some newer versions will automatically complete the steps below.  After clicking Close/Finish, the SwizzSync drive will load. (It may take just a moment)

  • The Swizz Sync login will open
  • Enter your email as the username
  • Enter your Swizznet password
  • Access point should display:
  • Make sure “Auto-login next time” is checked
  • Click on Login

4)    Once connected, your windows explorer will open showing you your Swizznet drive Z (drive letter maybe different depending on if you have a network drive Z on the local computer. For example a Y drive) :

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