How to use the web portal and upload files


1)    Above is the view you will see when you log into SwizzSync.

2)    The following icon webportal_icon1.png will display all the folders in a different panel on the left hand side of the screen

3)    The following icon webportal_icon2.png  is the up level icon, this is used if you are in a folder and want to go back to the previous location.

4)    The following icon webportal_icon3.png  is the refresh icon, this will refresh the current folder.

5)    The following icon webportal_icon4.png  is the upload, you can use this icon to upload files and folders to Swizznet.

6)    The following icon webportal_icon5.png  is used to create a new folder on SwizzSync.

7)    The following icon webportal_icon6.png  is used to change the view of your folders from icon view to detail view.


How to upload files 

1)    To upload files or folders click on the following icon webportal_upload1.png  

2)    From the drop down menu webportal_upload2.png  select the appropriate content base on what needs to be uploaded. You can choose between a single file or a whole folder.

3)    On the window that pops up, please navigate to the files or folders you would like to upload.

4)    Once you have selected your upload on the next window it will display the overall progress of the uploaded item.



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