How to access Swizz Sync drive on your computer and force refresh

How to access you swizzsync drive on you PC

1)      You can access your SwizzSync drive by going to Start-->Computer. On the explorer window you will see the SwizzSync Drive (Z:) (as shown the Y drive)


2)      You can also access your SwizzSync drive by going to the bottom right of your screen and searching for a green globe, for example: local2.jpg  when you have found the green globe, please right click on the globe, the following window will appear local3.jpg  Here you will click on Open Gladinet Cloud (Z:). Once you click open a windows explorer window will open showing your files.

3)      Once you have your SwizzSync drive open, you can drag and drop files or folder in and out. Or by right clicking on the file or folder and copy/paste.


How to force refresh

1)      To force refresh, please go to Start --> Computer, a windows explorer window will open. Please locate your SwizzSync Drive (Z:) and click on it


2)      Right click on any file or folder within the right pane window.

3)      On the window that will open, locate and click on Force Refresh. This will force the sync of your Swizznet drive. Example bellow:



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